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MeritoUSA offers professional audio and video, control sytstems and network video surveillance equipment and security accessories to residential, commercial, government and law enforcement agencies. Operating since 2001, our innovative video surveillance products include network surveillance cameras, wireless surveillance systems, network video recorders, video management systems, etc. All of our surveillance solutions offer advanced video surveillance using analog and IP networks and a variety of IP-Surveillance products at affordable prices.

We also specialise in bringing together all facets of current home technology into a single home automation system. Our portfolio of work includes the integration of this technology within listed period of time for new and old homes and businesses.The essential aspects of our work blend lighting control, audio systems, security systems, video distribution, telephone systems, networks, HVAC; all of which add value and security to your home. But the fun begins with great home cinema systems and multi room audio systems that captivate your audience.

We provide a total integrated solution for today’s modern developments in the control and integration of home technology systems. Our disciplines include the design, installation and commissioning of all forms of home technology. We specialise in making this technology invisible, intelligent and, above all, simple to use.We aim to provide ‘green’, sustainable solutions which improve the comfort and safety of occupants, enhancing their lifestyle and reducing energy & maintenance costs. We realize that our clients are in need of an honest, professional firm who understands technology and can help them achieve their objectives with little to no frustration

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